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A Life With Less

I have only been in the Philippines for a few days and that hardly makes me an expert, but what I have noticed other than the lush green mountains, adorable children, and delicious food is that they live life with less.

My days at home are spent surrounded by MacBooks and iPhones and cars and the television. I have a closet full of clothes and a bookshelf full of books. I really don’t need anything. Honestly the “small amount” of stuff that I have for the year in my backpack is more than most families here seem to have in their house.

Here my days are spent surrounded by people. That’s it. No one carries around their iPhones or spends hours on Netflix because even if we have computers we don’t have internet or cell service. There is such joy in the relationships that they have with each other instead of worry that they need to work to get the newest thing.

I see so much less stress and worry here. Even though there doesn’t seem to be as much stuff it seems like they are content with the things that they do have.

Living a life with less actually is living a life with more. Less things means more contentment. Less distractions means more relationships. Less needs means more satisfaction and less worry. I think I need a life with less.