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Birthday Post!

It is my BIRTHDAY! 


Ok. Actually, technically my birthday is Sunday. But I LOVE birthdays (see about me) So I tend to celebrate my birthday week, not just my birthday. People keep telling me that the older I get the less I am going to want to celebrate my birthday. That getting older becomes something that just happens instead of something to celebrate. 




I am actually fairly certain I will love my birthday forever. There is something awesome about having a reason to get all the people I love together and just have fun together.

This time next year I will be in Africa! Woah! 

That is kind of crazy to think about….

I am turning 31 this year. If 80 people donated $31 for my birthday I would be at my first goal!

What else could you spend $31 on?

  • 5 Starbucks Coffees
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • One T-Shirt at JCrew (ok…not even…)
  • 1/2 a tank of gas
  • 2 movie tickets

Please consider giving one of those things up for my birthday and donating to my adventure instead!