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Cambodia Wrap Up and Important Updates

I have aver learned so much this past month. God has been growing me in peace, patience, humility, and grace. He has taught me to rely on him because I can’t and shouldn’t do it all in my own strength. 

My Squad wrapped our month in Cambodia up by having a leadership development weekend for the team leaders and a bit of free time for the non-team leaders. It was a great opportunity to rest and to bond as a squad. It was also exciting to see what God has been doing in the lives of those around me. 

It it was a busy month for us all.

Sadly, two of our squad mates went home. We will miss them and their presence so much. We are all praying that God will continue to direct their paths at home and bless them  

One of our squad mates, Darlene, got engaged! Her fiancee flew to Cambodia to propose without anyone knowing he was coming except their host! Sooooo excited for her! Darlene has become a great friend and I am excited for her wedding next year already! 

Three team leaders stepped down and three new ones stepped up during the leadership weekend. Keep Cali, Hannah, and Emma in your prayers as they take on new roles and responsibilities in the squad. 

Please continue to pray for the squad this month as we are in a closed country. It is a strange thing to have to watch our words and actions and even what we wear. Pray for safety and security for us all this month. Also pray for wisdom in our words and actions in outreach.

Finally, here are a few blogs that my squad wrote over the month that really spoke to me.