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Fundraising Letter

Hello Family and Friends,

I have some big news.  I am going on the mission field for 11 months starting in January. I will be doing something called the World Race where I will be serving by helping with sexually trafficked girls, teaching English, and running camps among other things in 11 countries for 11 months. I get to go to Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania. I am so excited! I know that this trip is going to change my life.


You may be wondering how you can help me… I need to raise 19,000 dollars to fund my entire trip. This will include flights, equipment, medical stuff and insurance as well as the cost of the trip. Any donation you could give would be HUGELY appreciated. There are 3 ways to donate. 1. If you go to my blog   You can donate by clicking on the “donate your support here” link you can make a one time donation. 2. You also can make a monthly donation by going to This website doesn’t charge a processing fee for monthly support. 3. Finally, you are welcome to mail in checks. You can see me for the support card that you need to mail in with the check or you can print one off one on the “donate your support here” link from above. I am praying that I will raise all my support before I leave for the trip in January 2015.

The next way you can really help me is prayer. You can pray for me and my teammates both during our journey and as we lead up to our journeys. Pray against any spiritual attacks, pray for finances, pray for clarity, pray that we don’t get discouraged, pray that we can trust God wherever he wants to lead us. It is a crazy thing to follow God out of your comfort zone and away from everyone you know and love. Finally, if you could pray that we can all bond as a team.

Thank you for considering helping me!  Let me know if you have any more questions and feel free to forward this to anyone that I know or that you might be willing to help me on my quest. If you are close, I would love to meet you for coffee to talk more about this!