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How 1 Dollar Donations Matter

Something really awesome that I have learned in this process of fundraising is that EVERY bit counts. There are no small donations. Every person is led to give in different ways and every donation from $1 to $19,000 is a blessing to me and a HUGE act of generosity. God has really taught me to be thankful for each and every one of you. Please don’t apologize because you can’t give “enough” There are no gifts that are not important. 

In the spirit of that lesson I am going to play this little game. Each square represents the dollar amount on it (square number 1 is $1, square number 2 is $2, etc). If I fill up each square 1-160 I will be fully funded. Just contact me for current square availability. You can buy multiple squares or one square. But know that  

every square is important.

I will update this every time my world race account gets updated (once or twice a week). 


I hope this game will be an encouragement to all of you who think that you don’t have the funds to donate or maybe a challenge to others to skip your morning starbucks once and donate  🙂