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The Creator’s Curse

The artists I know are the most critical and perfectionist people you will ever meet… of their own work. It is easy to see the beauty in someone else’s work, but when you have struggled in creating something for hours or days or years you see the inconsistencies and flaws in your own work. Writers, photographers, painters, and sculptors alike are all hard on their work. 

I think another reason that artists are so critical of their own work is that it is deeply personal. Most of my own writings have come from places of heartache or joy deep within the core of who I am. It is hard to separate your work from who you are as a person. 

For most of my life I have struggled with this. I have been writing stories, songs, and poetry for as long as I can remember, but I never share it unless I feel like I have to. I have a huge fear of my work being rejected, of people telling me that it sucks and by association I suck. 

During training camp I felt like God telling me that he wanted me to write and share my words with people without fear, and since I already had decided that I wanted everything out of this year that I could get I was going to go for it. Little did I know that God had a plan already. 

A few weeks after I got back from training camp I got an email asking me to have a leadership position on our squad as “Squad Story Leader”. I am excited. I am supposed to blog regularly, but I also get to encourage other people to write their stories down and help them if they need help! I love stories! 

Another part of my responsibility is to highlight a few of my squadmates blogs each month. Since I was reading them all anyway this shouldn’t take too much extra effort. So without further ado. Some of my squad!

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Thanks for reading!