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The One Where We Were Blessed By Strangers

On facebook i recently posted an article about how we need Africa more than Africa needs us. Here I have learned so much about joy in simplicity and thankfulness when it seems like you don’t have anything to be thankful for. I have learned about peace in the midst of trials and patience in God’s timing.

It seems that the Zambian, Malawian, and Zimbabwean people have all learned how to do these things with grace and ease. I on the other hand have a hard time with most of them. I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t make my situation better. I have always been able to get a better job, stay away from people I didn’t like, and basically make what I “want” happen. It has been amazing to have their example to emulate. It has been so encouraging to learn from their actions.

Today was yet another example of how the African people are such a beautiful people.
The people here are not wealthy for the most part, at least by American standards. Yet today when we went to a church called Life Spring they called us up front to pray for us and to take an offering for us.

I was shocked almost to tears. These people don’t know us. We’ve been here twice. Yet they felt called to bless us. They have little to give, yet they gave what they could.

I have something to learn about their generosity. We all have something to give.